The Haunted

Escaping the mysterious island

even more dinosaurs


Taking the ship!

Pirates and giant sea creatures do not mix, suffice to say, most are killed or panic and run. There is little defense aboard the ship so our heroes easily seize control and begin the voyage down the river. The first mate, Jubal, a hulking black men swears allegiance to Lee, the new Captain of the ship. Based on their accents and languages spoken, Lee and Silas surmise the pirates to be from various eras of the past.

The surviving prisoners, 2 beautiful women and two handsome men seem almost alien. They are tanned and wear little clothing. They are all in amazing shape and speaking among themselves, a language no one recognizes. It is first female who takes the lead and speaks to the heroes, in flawless English! She introduces herself as Astra.

"Silas and friends, yes, I know who you are. None of you were meant to come here. This island is a fracture between two worlds, yours and mine. Think of it as a portal that is soon to close. And it must close! We are survivors of what you call Atlantis. Long ago our race ruled this world. Benevolent at first, but even we became corrupt. There were those among us who believed themselves to be gods. They dabbled in dark magicks. Blood magicks that turned them, they became creatures who sustained themselves on the blood of humans. They were the first Vampires."
"Unable to counter this vile magick, our people destroyed themselves by sinking the mighty Atlantis below the ocean. A small portion of our people survived by opening a gateway to another dimension. We lived apart from your world now and thought the evil was destroyed. We were wrong. Some of these ancient Vampires escaped the Fall of Atlantis, fleeing to human lands and entering a deep sleep. But they managed to pass their curse onto humans, albeit in a lesser form. This is where your Vampires come from."
"We have kept watch on your world, seen the rise of evils that were spawned by our arrogance. They have grown strong and now seek the sleeping Vampires. If they find them, if they awaken them, your world is doomed. You have with you the first key to locate the ancient tomb. You must find it first, you must put and end to our mistakes."

The Storm

As she finishes speaking, Jubal sounds the alarm. A great storm approaches! Soon the river rivals the oceans as great waves throw the ship about like a little toy. Several of the crew are thrown over board before the order is given to lash themselves to the ship. It is the only way to survive the fierce storm. The sky is dark, storm clouds overhead, lightning flashing across the sky, and great waves slamming over the ship. Everything goes dark…

Everyone slowly awakens still tied to the safety of the ship, with the bright midday sun baking down upon the deck. The last thing they remember is a massive storm tossing the ship around so violently that they feared for their lives. Before they can collect their thoughts, a scream pierces the air as a long serpentine neck reaches over the side of the ship and snatches a crewman right off the deck, giant teeth slicing cleanly through his rope bindings. The ship is under attack from a Plesiosaur, a prehistoric sea monster!


Gunfire and magic blasts drive the creature beneath the sea. Suddenly the ship lurches to the side as it is rammed hard knocking some of the crew over board. You can hear the screams of the two crewmen being attacked by the creature. Eventually the creature is killed, the body rolls over and sinks, its blood spreading across the surface of the water like thick red oil.

The impact from the blow breached the hull and the ship is taking on water, it is going down, no way to save it. Although the ship is deep into the great lake, you can just make out a hazy shoreline in the distance! Visible to the rear of the ship are two large shadows slowly circling, the blood in the water has attracted two more hungry Plesiosaurs.

The ship struggles towards the shore, the little wind filling the sails as it draws closer to shore, but it will not make it. And to ensure the end of the ship, everyone stumbles as the ship lurches hard from another mighty blow from the water. There are two lifeboats, our heroes and Astra board one and the remaining crew lead by Jubal on the other.

Both lifeboats proceed toward the shore, the second is falling behind. Before the heroes can react, the second lifeboat is thrown out of the water, spilling the crew into the water. All you can do is look on with horror as the Plesiosaur feast on the men. Your lifeboat slides up on the beach just as another Plesiosaur snaps it jaws, breaking the back of the boat. But you are safe…

the Escape

Astra leads everyone away from the water, deeper into the jungle. It is not far, she says, we must get to the ocean. There you must escape. The portal is closing and you have to be on the other side!

Lee and Kitty hear something following them, expecting the worse, they are surprised when a bloodied Jubal comes upon them. He is the only survivor from the second lifeboat. He looks at Lee, I pledged my life to you Captain, he says, I had to find you.

Soon they arrive at the edge of the jungle. Beyond lies a beach and what appears to be the ocean. It is curiously nighttime now. They can see on the shore a small camp, several men around a fire speaking German. Kitty is able to interpret, they are grumbling about the Captain taking most of the men ashore, deep into the jungle. Some sort of treasure they must acquire.

Remaining behind are the men at the beach and a few aboard the submarine there in the cove. And the heroes then discern a vessel floating just above the water about 100 yards off shore. It is truly a submarine as described by Jules Verne! Silas also realizes that the men are garbed in uniforms of the Night Watch. The enemy.


Astra says she must leave them. She and her people will head back into the jungle as the time is near. The portal is closing and the two worlds will once again be separate, as they should be. She kisses Silas and disappears into the jungle. There is a crackle of energy, like electricity in the air and Silas knows she is gone. He is back in his world and they have to save it. They need to seize that vessel!

the Submarine

A simple plan works best sometimes. Kitty distracted the men around the fire, lured them behind some rocks where they were promptly dispatched. The boat to the submarine is next, knock on the hatch and throw the officer overboard as he opens it. From there, drop down, secure the latch and go about securing the sub.

Joining our heroes aboard the secured sub are the cook and an engineer. One is a Swedish cook, Dagmond Pather, and the other a Scotsman, Mickey Donaldson. Neither are particularly loyal to the Night Watch. The cook was shanghaied and just wants to open a restaurant in London, across the street from his rival. The Scotsman is an engineer of sorts who helped build and test the submarine. He worked strictly to access the tech and of course the money.

So the return trip to London is easily managed. The submarine is left to the hands of the military and the Scotsman (now and employee of Silas') is contracted to the military to help study the technology. The cook (another new employee of Silas') now has a restaurant across from his rival's in the heart of London and a nice front for Silas and the other heroes to hold meetings with potential clients.



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