Elizabeth A. Elliot

Aristocrat, Mad scientist


Gender: Female
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 137 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black


Miss Elliot was born May 15 1863, daughter of Sir Manfred A. Elliot, Baron of Devonshire (oft called the Mad Baron), and mother was Lady Elizabeth R. Elliot, Baroness of Devonshire.

When Elizabeth was 7 her mother died of pneumonia. Her father became a recluse, turning to science in an attempt to return his deceased wife to him. Soon friends, family and servants began to notice his strange, weird, often dangerous and even blasphemous experiments. Elizabeth became her father’s assistant until the age of 14 when her Great Aunt Cecelia witnessed a particularly horrifying example of his work and insisted she come to live with her.

Shortly after she went to live with her aunt, news came to them that the castle of the Mad Baron had vanished one night in an evil glow of light, leaving only a few scattered stones and terrified servants who had managed to run for their lives. They told wild stories of what had happened that horrible night.

At the age of 18, Elizabeth was introduced to the man who her aunt had arranged for her to marry. Elizabeth considered him a vile and loathsome gentleman, but he was rich and of noble blood, so her aunt approved. A wedding date was set for her 20th birthday. Two weeks before the wedding was to take place Great Aunt Cecelia died from a heart attack.

Elizabeth called off the wedding which made the gentleman, Lord Packingham most furious. So Elizabeth moved to London moving from place to place to avoid him as she started practicing her father’s art of science. This went on for 2 years before she meet Jolie Wilkins. They became fast friends and she moved into Jolie’s London town house so she could continue with her experiments and Jolie could help her avoid Lord Packingham, who still was after her to become his wife.

Arcane Background Weird Science
Arcane Skill Weird Science
Power Points 10
Total Powers 3
Recharge 1 hour
Description Steampunk with electricity, throw in some clockwork effects.
Backlash Malfunction on Skill Die of 1; Repair in 2d6 hours

Bolt, Invisibility, Light

Elizabeth A. Elliot

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