Henry Morgan



Gender: Male
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 193 lbs
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Unusual Features: Henry is very perceptive, which aids him in solving homicides and unexplained deaths. This often causes him to be quite blunt in social settings which, when people are instead looking for a comforting pat on the back, can result in awkward situations. He is very serious at times and has few friends. Henry is loyal and is dedicated to his work.


Henry was born September 19, 1779.

In 1888, Henry assisted Scotland Yard Inspector Frederick Abberline in investigating Jack the Ripper’s latest victim, Mary Kelly, on Dorset Street.

He assisted the police for many years after that but eventually left for Scotland.

He assisted Brian and Kitty with investigating the origin and nature of Brian during Interlude – Glasgow. He had discovered that electricity was a key to Brian’s existence and therefore harmed him more than other effects. It was a short month they worked together but that time drew Henry to the attention of the Night Guard (who had been secretly trailing Brian and Kitty). Henry was a “person of interest” to the Night Guard for some time (at least since his adventures back in London) but meeting with Brian and Kitty pushed up the priority of “acquiring” him as an asset – or at least learning his secret!

On the last night the trio met, they were attacked by Night Guard agents. Brian held them off while Henry and Kitty escaped across the rooftops. But the Night Guard had been prepared for this, and a sniper from across the way fired the fatal shot that killed Henry, sending his body plummeting into the icy waters below. His body was never recovered.

Brian and Kitty returned to London, another ally lost, with just the notes from Henry’s journal regarding his thoughts as to the origins of Brian.

Henry Morgan

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