Hsien-Ko Chang

Leader of the Tong of the Black Scorpion


Height: 5’5"
Weight: 106lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

Hsien-Ko is a cold, ruthless killer, with a voice like a nightingale. She can be charming when she has to be, and relies upon lies and subterfuge as a matter of course. If backed into a corner, she will not hesitate to endanger innocents to cover her escape. She fought hard to gain control of her father’s Tong after his death. A former lieutenant of her father, Kwok, was the first to swear allegiance, and eventually became her lover.


She has a vast army of minions at her disposal. These range from rank-and-file servants who perform mundane duties such as messengers, to specialists who are secretly on the payroll. Adventurers who are facing Hsien-Ko should never be able to completely trust that the NPCs that they encounter are not part of the Tong of the Black Scorpion.

Most feared of all of Hsien-Ko’s minions is the cadre of fanatical assassins called the Qing Ri (pronounced “ching ree”). The most efficient and remorseless killers the world has ever seen. A Qing Ri can be identified by a black scorpion tattoo, symbol of the Tong, usually found between the thumb and forefinger.

Hsien-Ko Chang

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