24hp Type 4A Chassis no. 205 Engine no. 12


Introduced in 1904, The Delaurère Type 4A represented a break with the Panhard model using an armored wooden frame with steel extensions (such as Darracq) to support the engine and the box. The first was a 6.3-liter four-cylinder, top-intake and side-exhaust, four-cylinder engine that, with low-voltage ignition, drives the rear wheels via a four-speed gearbox and two chains.



This relatively unknown brand had its origins in the mid-nineteenth century when Jean-Pierre Delaugère founded a company producing horse-drawn carriages in Orléans. The family approached the automobile in the late 1890s using initially Dion-Button engines then engines of its own making. The first Delaugere cars resembled the Panhards. In 1904, Maurice Clayette associated himself with the Delaugères in a company that took the name of “SA des Delts, Clayette Brothers and Company”.


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