The Haunted

The Devil Rides Forth - Act 4
The Final Confrontation

Mrs. Murdock has a breakfast ready for our heroes as they return, beaten and battered to their rooms. Silas can barely taste the food, all he can taste is death. All he can see is the young Tanith withering away in front of his eyes. he is not sure he will ever forget that horrific sight.

Brian is still weak from the fight, he has summoned aid, a gentleman who has been before to heal his wounds. Kitty is withdrawn, this last fight has dredged up painful memories of her past. She is the first to turn to her bed, falling into a fitful sleep.

Silas sleeps some, but the desire for vengeance is too strong and later that day, he is once again at his desk, pouring though his books, looking for signs and clues. He is missing something, he knows it, Mocata is still out there and this is not over. But what? What is he missing? What can't he see?

The night is no better for our group, they sleep, but all are plagued by nightmares from their pasts and their recent failures. The next morning Mrs. Murdock's breakfast goes along way to bringing some life back into them. They are finding their resolve, their spirit, they would not give into the darkness!

Brian is back and at his own desk, helping Silas to pour through the books. Kitty sits quietly, watching them intently. She trusts these two to find an answer. She has to trust them, because she needs them for her own answers. One day.

It is late, just after dinner when they get the message:

Peggy has been taken. Simon cursed himself and ran out to get her back. All his parents remember is Simon muttering about "back where it started, of course…" They plead with the heroes to save their little girl and SImon. Bring them back.

The heroes are stunned. They had to act fast. Silas realized that tonight was the last night of the New Moon. The last night Mocata could complete the ceremony. Dammit, he had been blind, of course, he should have realized, been prepared. But what did Simon mean? Where had he gone?

"Back where it started,… Dammit, how could I have been so thick," Silas yells. "Quickly, a carriage, we must make haste." As they race outside he explains. "Simon's townhouse, where it started. Where the first ceremony was held, the second in Salisbury. Even his journal, what he overheard…'she must follow back to the beginning.' Tonight they mean to finish the ceremony in Simon's townhouse. In the observatory. Damn, I should have seen it sooner!"

He bangs on the carriage roof, yelling at the driver to go faster.

The final act takes place in the townhouse of Simon Aron. Everything returns back to where it started! The ceremony will have already started by the time the heroes arrive. The front door is guarded by 2 cultists; they are there to simply delay the heroes.

The carriage has barely come to a stop when Brian jumps free and charges the two guards. He gives them no quarter as he slams their heads together, a sickening crunch and they fall to the ground dead. He does not stop, he crashes through the front door. Silas and Kitty are close behind.

Inside are 4 more guards. They are surprised as the door flies open, sagging from the hinges. They are stunned for a moment as the giant Brian charges into their midst, taking two in his hands, running them into the wall. Kitty is just as quick and fires two shots, dropping the other two.

They race up the stairs to the Observatory, Brian in the lead. The double doors are wide open, as if they are expected. The ceremony is in progress and the core 13 are all there, including Mocata and the Baroness. Young Peggy is laid out on an altar, probably drugged and Simon is standing off to the side, looking be-spelled.


Most of the 13 converge on the heroes, their mission to keep the heroes busy until the ceremony is complete!

The heroes are nearly overwhelmed. They have rested but are not completely recovered from their earlier ordeal. Brian is feeling the effects the most. Four cultists pile atop him as he flails wildly at them, trying to connect. Kitty is also ganged up on, they know she has those guns and in close quarters, it will be harder to bring them to bear. Silas tries to charge past, to get to Mocata but 2 more cultists are blocking his way.

It is a long battle and even as cultists drop dead, the heroes are flagging. Silas's mana is almost spent and he knows the final part of the ceremony is close at hand. Mocata has the dagger poised over Peggy, ready to plunge it into her heart. Disregarding his own safety, will manages to push through the cultists, making it just to edge of the altar. But it is close enough for Silas to cast an Armour spell on Peggy. It won't stop the blade but should protect her enough from dying immediately.

And that evil force from days ago is once again felt throughout the room as Baphomet once again appears, but the blood sacrifice is successful and he has entered this plane. All feel his power and wrath!

Silas is on his knees, battered down by the Baroness and one remaining cultist by the altar. Blood flows from his many wounds, he does not look good. Brian has managed to whittle down his opponents to just 2 but even he is bloodied and bruised. Kitty has dropped her last opponent and takes stock of the situation. She fires at the one cultist beating on her cousin, the Baroness is not a good target at the moment.

After dropping the man she turns and begins firing on Mocata, hoping to break whatever the effect of the spell. The fear is beginning to penetrate even her steely resolve. The Baroness lands another wound on Silas, cackling in madness. With his last bit of energy, he swings his sword cane and cuts her down. But he has drawn the ire of Baphomet who blasts fiery beams from his eyes at Silas.

Silas screams in agony and falls to the ground, perhaps dead. Brian fells his last foes and struggles to get to the altar to save his friend, but his strength is failing him. Only Kitty, with her guns seems to be able to fight on. Her bullets penetrate the heart of Mocata and his essence is drawn into Baphomet, who now turns his eyes on Kitty. He holds out his hand and blasts a black ray of vile darkness at Kitty. She feels the coldfire burning through to her soul but she fights to stay on her feet. She knows she is their last hope.

She raises her pistol, slowly aims, and puts her last bullet between the eyes of the devil. He claws at the bloody hole in his head, screaming in an unearthly tongue, smokes begins to rise from his body as it slowly burns from this existence. Before completely disappearing, he stares at Kitty, pointing at her…"I will have my vengeance."

All is quiet. All the cultists are dead. Simon collapses unconscious to the floor. Brian and Kitty administer what healing they can to Peggy and Silas. They are able to get everyone to Doctor Wardlow, who does what he can to save everyone. Silas's armour did its job and protected Peggy enough that the she is saved. Simon is finally free of the evil influence of Mocata. But Tanith is gone and his sister nearly died, that guilt will stay with him for a long time.

As for Silas, he is in a deep sleep, an induced coma. His wounds are great. Anyone else would be dead. But somewhere inside is a spark fighting to remain alive. Will he succeed?

The Devil Rides Forth - Act 3
A night of horror

They escape back to London, to the home of the Simon’s parents, hoping to convince Simon and Tanith of their misguided folly in dabbling in devil-worshiping. Unbeknownst to the heroes, the leader of the cult, Mocata, escaped and has a psychic link with the two initiates. He visits the home, asking the young initiates to return to the fold. After all, they joined on their own accord; they were not forced or coerced. Of course, the young lovers reject his offer. And with the heroes backing them up, Mocata can do nothing.


Taking his leave, he warns them that they are messing with powers they cannot even begin to comprehend. This night, he says, will be a nightmare…

But Simon's family is too happy to see their son returned to the fold to give much credence to the creepy gentleman. And his younger sister, Peggy is delighted to have her big brother home again. There is much joy in the home and a celebration via a huge dinner with all the trimmings.

Peggy Aron

After dinner, the men adjourn to the library for cigars and port. Then the ladies are allowed to join them (Kitty is clearly not happy about this and Silas quickly hands her a large glass of port) and little Peggy entertains them by playing the piano and singing some songs. She truly has a lovely voice.

The evening grows late and little Peggy is sent to bed. Brian goes with her, sitting with her and reading a bedtime story. There is a surprising depth of emotion in his voice as he reads to the child. Tanith is given her own room and Kitty is tasked with watching her though the night. After the family has gone to sleep, our remaining heroes make plans in the library.

The nightmares quickly begin.

  • Faint whispers fill the rooms, at first, too quiet to understand. Sometimes the voice sounds like an old woman mumbling, crying and singing hymns. At other times, other voices seem to fill the room.
  • There is loud banging on room doors. But upon opening, there is nothing there.
  • As they explore the house, looking for the source of the happenings, they find several cold spots.
  • The dark of the Peggy's room is filled with the sound of rats gnawing the bedposts; her bedsheets snatched away, the pillows tossed from the bed. She begins screaming! Brian is first to rush in. He sees Peggy floating above her bed and the bed shaking beneath her. As Brian moves to grab her the room is suddenly back to normal and Peggy is back in her bed, sleeping peacefully.
  • Tanith sleeps troubled, tossing and turning, beads of sweat cover her face. She moans in her sleep. His eyes, she says, his eyes are speaking to her, controlling her!

Silas realizes things are getting worse. He has Brian drag Tanith's bed into the common area. He lays out a circle of salt surrounding the bed, Tanith, Kitty, Simon and Peggy (they believe she is safer with them than alone). He warns the others that whatever happens, they must not break the circle!

Brian and Silas return to the first floor to investigate further. There is another scream and the butler quickly backs out of a hallway, signing the cross. Following him the cook, floating above the ground, her body afire. As the two heroes rush to aid her, the vision disappears and the butler collapses in a heap, overwhelmed by what he has witnessed.

Brian hears something from another corridor and goes to investigate. Silas, however, is drawn to the large portrait of Lord Jeffrey Aron as it morphs into a skeletal face then the eyes begin to bleed. There is the sound of chanting and hooves, like a charging horse.

Meanwhile, Brian enters the Conservatory, following the sounds. At first, he sees nothing but the large statue in the center. He looks around the room, searching carefully, as his eyes return to the statue and he realizes it has moved. It is moving to attack him! He begins to move backwards as fast as he can, never taking his eyes off the statue. It seems to move only when he looks away.

Silas thinking hard, the chanting, the skull, bleeding eyes, he recognizes this somehow. A look of fear crosses his face when he realizes the truth. Dear god, Mocata has summoned the Angel of Death! Silas knows that once summoned, the Angle of Death cannot leave this plane until it has taken a soul. Mocata is desperate if he has resorted to this.

Everything happens at once. As Brian returns to the room with Silas, a figure on horseback leaps from the painting, Brian turns to stare in horror, in that moment the statue strikes, it is now fully animated. Brian and the statue begin to battle as Silas does the only thing he can. He yells at the Angel of Death, cursing it. Take me he yells, take me, and turns and begins to run from the room, trying to lure the Angel out of the house.

Brian is tough, he has stood up to many horrible things, but this statue is proving to be too much. He is losing this fight and he knows it. He draws what little energy he still has inside to keep the attention of the statue, he must not let it get past him. It must not get the family! But Kitty is not to be left out. She might be trapped on the second floor but with her guns, she can fight the statue as well. She fires shot after shot into the thing, chipping away at it. It picks up Brian and slams him into the wall below where Kitty stands. She hears the crack of the wall breaking and feels it start to give away. As the wall weakens, the bed slides toward the edge. Kitty braces herself and catches the bed, digging her spurs into the hardwood floors. She stops it just before it breaks the circle. Twisting her body, she continues to fire into the statue.

Brian realizes the danger above and with a roar he slams into the statue as hard as he can. The forces of light bless him as he smashes the statue into pieces. Brian collapses to the floor, his energy spent.

Meanwhile, Silas is at the door, taunting the Angel of Death. His plan seems to be working, he can feel its power as it draws closer. Suddenly Tanith sits up in the bed, she is wake. No, she screams, he shall not take him. You will not work your evil through me any longer! She leaps from the bed and races down the stairs. Just before the Angel of Death is able to follow Silas out the door, Tanith leaps in front of it. You shall take no innocence this night. You shall take me!

Silas watches horrified as the Angel of Death reaches out and touches Tanith. He tries to yell but no sound comes forth as he watches Tanith whither away. Her body ages in front of his eyes, turns to a corpse, then scatters into dust. With a soul collected, the Angel of Death rears it horse then fades from this plane.

The battle is over, our heroes have won, but at a great price.

With the rising the sun, a sadness hangs over this house. The heroes take their leave of Simon and his family. Their work here is done. They must rest. And Silas must study, he needs to find more information on Mocata. This will not go unpunished!

The Devil Rides Forth - Act 2
A visit to the countryside

They must travel to the countryside and rescue Simon from a devil-worshiping cult conducting a ceremony on Salisbury Plain. It is a 2-hour trip via rail, Waterloo Station to Salisbury. From there, it is a 1 hour cab ride to Stonehenge (10 miles from city to ruins).

The ceremony will occur at midnight, so the heroes have time to secure a room first. There are rooms available at the Old Mill Inn. Just in case, they secure two rooms for the night. They also order hearty dinner, after all, one should never fight the devil on an empty stomach!

An hour before midnight, the heroes arrive at the outskirts of Stonehenge. They leave their carriage under cover of some trees and set off to look for the ceremony. Eventually they come upon a large clearing, surrounded by trees. From there, the heroes hide and spy upon the cultists as they gather for the ceremony. They are able to identify Simon, Tanith, Jeremy, and Henry lined up alongside an altar. They also spy the Baroness, wearing the robes of one the leading 13 and Lord Arbridge wearing the robes of the occult leader.

The ceremony begins with Arbridge, clearly the occult leader Mocata, beginning to chant.


Silas whispers to the group, outlining how it will proceed:

"The chanting will continue for 10 minutes or so, there will be an animal sacrifice, then the blood will be drunk – this is what will allow Mocata to gain control over Simon and the others. This is their initiation into the next level of the cult…"

He pauses as the cultists begin to work themselves into a frenzy. The chanting begins to get faster.

"Um, this next part, they, um, they will get…" he looks uncomfortably at Kitty. "They will get naked and…not important. Brian, this will be the best time to act. While everyone, is…busy…you rush down and take down Mocata!"

Suddenly there is a wave of pure evil that erupts from Mocata and sweeps across his followers and the heroes. They can feel their skin crawl from the sheer power emanating from the him. Fire erupts from behind Mocata and all can see the unearthly presence of Baphomet, the power has allowed him to peer through into this plane.

Silas realizes they have to move quickly and yells at Brian to move! Brian races past the oblivious crowd, still caught up in their orgiastic pleasure and the force of Baphomet. Mocata sees the charging behemoth and mumbles a spell and disappears. Brian stops short, unsure of what to do. Silas grabs Kitty's hand and leads her down to join Brian.

"It's too late, we need to close the gate! Destroy the chalice. Then we need to get Simon and the others out of here. Make haste!"

Brian grabs the chalice with all his might, squeezing hard. His biceps bulge and rip the sleeves of his jacket as he focuses hard and destroys the chalice. The cultists are stunned as the force of evil is sucked back through the gate, as it closes, the heroes see the glowing eyes of Baphomet watching them. Panic ensues as the ceremony breaks up and people begin to scurry about, making for safety.

The heroes grab Simon and the others and drag them to the awaiting carriage. Everyone is exhausted by the time they arrive back at the Inn. There are no trains running now, so they have to rest up for the remainder of the night.

In the morning, tickets are secured for a return trip to London. A big breakfast than the 2-hour journey home. Jeremy and Henry have realized their foolishness and promise to return to their families. Simon asks the heroes to accompany him and Tanith to his parents home. They still need rest, protection, and he needs to apologize for the trouble he has caused. He too has learned his lesson.

The Devil Rides Forth - Act 1
Return to the home

The following afternoon, the group returns to an empty house. There is no Simon or signs of any other servants. Investigating Simon’s new townhouse, reveals his messy bedroom and no signs of a bed having been slept in.

A guest room with signs of a woman staying over, and the bed also not slept in. The butler's small room is also empty, there is nothing of a personal touch in his room. A shaving kit is the only sign that someone sleeps there.

 This leaves the door leading up to the observatory, it is locked but that has never stopped our heroes before. In the room, they discover strange markings and a pentagram, definitive proof of Simon's dabbling in dark arts. As they investigate the observatory, they notice the room growing gradually colder. After a few rounds of searching, the room temperature drops dramatically and shadowy smoke coalesces over the pentagram.

The smoke twists into the shapes of 3 skeletons. Kitty is momentarily frozen in fear. Silas swings at one with his cane and Brian just tries to grab with his bare hands and crush the skull. Both miss, perhaps they were a bit shaken from the conjuring of the skeletons. But the skeletons have one goal, to destroy, and Silas is struck hard as clawed hands rake across his face. The skeleton pummeling Brian might ass well be punching a solid oak tree, but it did tear his shirt.

Kitty manages to recover and receives a glancing blow. She draws her guns and blasts the skull into dust, the body crumbles as well and soon there is nothing left. Brian, pissed at another ruined shirt, manages to grab the skull and squeezes, crushing it into dust. The body dissolves quickly after.

Silas is managing to keep his skeleton at bay but having no luck in landing a solid blow. He is saved from further combat as Kitty fires her other gun and takes down the final skeleton.

The affects in the room are immediate: the coldness and fear are gone, the room returns to a normal temperature, there are no signs of any disturbance left behind. Silas is a bit perturbed he was unable to grab some of the skeleton dust.

Finishing the search of the room reveals a closet with Simon's journal, some occult paraphernalia, and a headless chicken. Their only clue is from the journal, Simon talks of the second ceremony to be held on Salisbury Plain. Silas realizes the second ceremony must occur this night. 

Making haste, they are able to secure train tickets from Waterloo Station to Salisbury.

The Devil Rides Forth
Prologue – Children do the darkest things

Simon Aron

Clancy has asked the group to help an old family friend whose son seems to be in a bit of trouble. Young Simon Aron is dabbling in the dark arts to impress a woman he has fallen in love with, Tanith. They have both fallen under the sway of a Cult Leader, Mocata. Simon recently purchased a townhouse and moved out on his own. Visiting the townhouse for the first time, the group notices signs of new construction; an observatory has been added on the roof. A butler allows them into the waiting room while fetching Simon. Sounds of a party can be heard in another room. When Simon comes to greet them, he is dressed in a tuxedo – fashionable for a party.

Lord Arbridge

He shows them into a large room where the party is in full swing; well-dressed men and women mill about, drinking, and having conversation. Simon appears a bit agitated. He is obviously being polite in meeting the group but is anxious for them to leave. He does introduce them to Tanith, a young, striking beauty of Mediterranean decent and her governess the Baroness Ducat. An older gentleman, joins them and introduces himself as Lord Arbridge. Simon asks the group to return the following afternoon, perhaps then he will have more time to talk with them. Whilst circulating through the party, Silas recognizes a few other familiar faces:

  • Jeremy Eaton – son of a prominent politician
  • Henry Turgeon – son of a prominent solicitor

The heroes agree to meet with Simon the following afternoon. Silas has some suspicions about Lord Arbridge, his name has been associated with the world of the occult for quite some time.

Wondering and Wandering
The Back Alleys of London

Who am I? What am I? From following Silas and Kitty I know i am not human but i am not a monster like those we battle. I can take hits that would fell a horse and walk on. Break thru doors as though they were cardboard. I don't bleed as they do, nor do i heal as they do. I went to see the alchemist Driscal Chang today to fix my shoulder… and for another Coat. I have him making me something more durable this time. I also have him acquiring me some special "tools" for further adventures with my companions.

I have had an odd feeling since i saved the little girl from the Cult of the Left Hand, a need to protect her. No a need to protect the children. Perhaps children were involved with my past life. Perhaps that is my purpose, much as Kitty is absorbed with her werewolf and Silas with his reporting and cousin. I need to find out what i am, the closest thing i have found was the article Silas wrote about the Frankenstein Monster that brought me to London. I am similar to it but not the same. I am strong and tough like it was but not some unthinking Buffon as it was.

I need to clear my head and think. Perhaps a walk thru the back alleys will settle my mind. What is that noise? I hear a woman's screams, and a baby's crying. I must get to them. Left, right, over that wall. There they are. There are 2 dead men in the street; I see a woman and small child. They are cornered by five hunched men. No not men they have tails, like rats. What will i find next in this odd city? I stride forward and command them to flee; they turn on me unwisely waving their tiny daggers. This will be fun!!

That didn't last far long enough to satisfy me. There is still too much time till i will meet the others. The woman has passed out and the baby is screaming. I gather them up and bring them to the edge of the alley. The baby's screams will bring help soon. I walk away knowing they will be cared for. I must talk to Silas about the ratmen who turn back to real men when you break their necks, he will be interested. Damn they tore my coat. This is getting expensive. I better go see Driscal about that new coat

Brian awarded 1 Benny and 1 XP


Interlude - Werewolf by Night
Kitty get yer guns!

Darkened-Alley.jpg The window shatters as Brian and the werewolf hurtle through it, plunging into the depths below. Silas rushes to the wrecked frame peering down into the darkness, he can see nothing in the alley far below. He is pushed aside as Kitty rushes by, guns in her hand and leaps out the window to follow. She would not let this werewolf out of her sight!

Silas looks on in awe as Kitty stretches between the narrow walls, using the heels of her boots and the butts of her guns to slow her descent into darkness. Minutes later he hears gunshots and can just make out the flashes of gunfire.

Shaking aside his stupor, Silas climbs out onto a drainpipe and slides down to join the fray. He could let no harm overcome his cousin, not while she was caught up in this bloodthirsty quest for vengeance! She wanted a name and would do anything to get it.

Stumbling in the darkness, “I need a light spell,” Silas thinks. He dashes towards the sound of the fighting. The alley opens onto the shore of the Thames. Brian, looking rather worse for wear, is on his knees with the werewolf atop him, clawing at his chest. “There goes another jacket, he is going to be pissed.”

There is no sign of Kitty. “What?” Silas looks around in concern whilst mentally preparing a spell. The last of his mana channeled into a mystic bolt. His hands glow as he finishes the chant, followed by a crackle of energy slamming into the werewolf. It blows the monster off Brian just as he falls face forward into the mud, he was down. Silas rushes to help Brian, then werewolf leaps back out of the darkness right at him.

Werewolf.png As Silas throws up his arms to block the attack, shots ring out! Kitty charges from the darkness, guns blazing, emptying both her guns into the werewolf. Silas is pushed aside again as Kitty leaps onto the werewolf as it falls to the ground. She is shoving her last bullet into a chamber. A flick of her wrist and the gun is loaded and shoved into the face of the stilled werewolf.

“A name!” she screams, prodding hard with the barrel, “give…me…a…name…”

As the light fades from the eyes of the werewolf and it dissolves into the shape of a man, its eyes flicker open for a moment, a look of fear. It gasps softy, “Edmondson…Chad..Chadwick…Edmondson.” The light dies as does the monster.

All of the adrenalin drains from Kitty and she collapses exhausted. As Silas helps his cousin to stand, allowing her to lean against him for support, they make their way to the side of Brian, who is also slowly standing up. Brian looks down at his shredded jacket and shirt. “Damn.”

The three walk slowly up to the main street, the clamber of horses and carriage greeting them. Frank, the cabbie, brings the carriage to a halt. He leaps down to assist the companions into the carriage. Before closing the door, he hands a cane to Silas. “Eh guv, this came a tumblin’ from the sky. Thought you might want it back. Let’s be getting home now.”

Players awarded 2 XP


The Third Hand
the wrap up

Experience rewarded: 4

Group Edge: Patron (Clancy Donnelly)

  • Membership to the Chimera Club
  • Earned the respect and a favor from Indian Prince – Aamir Roshan
The Third Hand
Snakes, cultists and a goddess

Act 1

Are heroes have returned from an adventure in the countryside just outside of London. Arriving in Waterloo Station, they step out into the damp London air in search of a cab. Just before climbing into the signaled cab, a smartly dressed man jumps out, bumping into Silas, as he rushes past into the station. Safely ensconced in the cab, they head for home, looking forward to a nice fire, dinner, and perhaps some brandy. Kitty discovers a still damp envelope with a card inside, obviously left behind by the rushing gentleman from earlier. It is a guest card to the Chimera Club with a note of some urgency scrawled on the backside.

"Samuelson is dead. Watch your back, they will be after you next. Meet me at the Chimera Club Green Room tonight at 9 sharp. Bring the Hand, and for God's sake be careful. May God have mercy on our souls."

The nature of the note is enough for Silas to intervene, he yells at the cabbie to take them to the Chimera Club and make haste. They have just under 15 minutes or so to make the meet in time! Kitty and Brian notice the other cab apparently following them as it pulls alongside. A well-dressed Indian smiles menacingly before throwing a hissing cobra into their cab! Brian tries to grab and choke the life from it but narrowly misses. Silas fails to stab it with his sword cane and Kitty fires her guns at it but also misses. Finally, before it can do harm, Silas unleashes a magic bolt of lightning and fries the snake dead. Minutes later they arrive at the club.

Act 2

Flashing the green card they are lead inside and into the mysterious Green Room to await the author of the note. At exactly 9 sharp, Clancy Donnelley, financier, appears to the group. After calming down the panicked and suspicious Clancy and proving they mean to help, he pleads with them to follow him to the home of Doctor Morrison before it is too late. During the ride he attempts to explain what is going on:

He financed an expedition to India to explore an old temple. The mission was lead by Dr. Thomas Morrison, an expert in the study of magick and antiquities. The mission uncovers vast treasures and artifacts, all to be sold to the British Museum. They also discover a mummified black hand, twice the size of a grown's man and bedecked in gold rings and bracelets. Upon returning to England, the treasures were sold except for the hand, that remained with Morrison so he could study it further. After a few months of research, he discovered it to be the legendary Third Hand of Kali, a sacred relic said to be a very limb of the dark goddess herself. He was also able to get it to move on its own accord using some magicks and alchemical powders. Then the killings began, in the last month five of the expedition members died in mysterious circumstances, leaving only Morrison and Clancy alive!

Arriving at Morrison's home, they find it dark and apparently empty. Brian picks the lock on the door and the party enters cautiously, well, except for Clancy who runs in screaming the name of his friend Morrison. Silas and Clancy search the first floor and Brian and Kitty the second. In the kitchen, a cultists stabs Clancy in the back, putting him near death, a fight ensues between the cultist and Silas. It is a hard fight and it isn't going well for Silas. Meanwhile, on the second floor, upon entering the library a knife is thrown at Brian. It appears to hit him but does no noticeable damage other than piss him off. He jumps across the room and attacks. Kitty hears a window breaking and dashes to investigate. In the bedroom she is attacked by another cultist. Brian's anger rises, he lashes out hard, ripping the spine from the cultist. Hearing Kitty in battle, he crashes through the wall and stabs the other cultist through the head with the spine! They have missed another cultist who apparently jumped from the window and is escaping in an awaiting cab. They also hear the sound of the battle below, Silas is holding his own versus the cultist but seemingly unable to drop him. Brian pinpoints the battle below, tears at the floor, and dives through the floor, smashing the cultist below into pulp. Silas is able to stabilize Clancy but he will need further medical aid if he will live. A quick search of an office desk up in the bedroom discovers Morrison's Journal and an open bible. Reading the last passage Kitty is able to figure out the coded message:

Hand in Waterloo Station platform ten loose stone clock

Act 3

After a quick stop to drop Clancy off with Doctor Wardlow, an associate who is used to this kind of thing, they heroes arrive at Waterloo Station. It is night, the station is closed, but the gate has been jimmied open. As they rush inside the station and down into the subway, they see a cultist leaping onto the back of a two-carriage train pulling out. A pile of stones has been removed from beneath the clock. The cultists have the hand! Our investigators run and leap onto the back of the leaving train. They battle their way through the train, killing cultists left and right. In the second car, Brian goes berserk and the fight is bloody, brutal and quick. Kitty and Silas stand back out of sight, they have no desire to catch the eye of their berserking friend. But the fights slowed our heroes down enough for the cult leader to detach the engine, leaving our party alone in the tunnel. Knowing time is of the essence, they rush through the tunnel, searching for the engine. About a half mile deeper into the tunnel, they find the abandoned engine. Searching about, Kitty discovers a discolored wall, some sort of hidden door. At that moment, two cultists hidden on the engine roof leap down to attack. One stabs Kitty deeply, dropping her to her knees, she is bleeding profusely. The other misses everyone, falling onto his own dagger as he hits the ground. Two bullets from Kitty's guns drops the other. They also take time to tend to her wounds.

Act 4

Through the hidden door and into the gloom of an abandoned underground work station our adventurers go. They free three homeless who warn them of the dangers ahead and of their mate taken earlier to be sacrificed. From their, they proceed into the Temple of Kali. A large black curtain spanning the entire back wall. Before it stands a tall statue of Kali. Resting between its legs is a large, black, mummified hand. A burning brazier stands to either side. Between them lies the body of a strangled hobo. Against the right wall is a nude woman, hands in manacles. Her name is Nadine, daughter of a visiting Indian noble. She was kidnapped earlier that day and she promises rich rewards if rescued and returned to her father. Kitty picks the manacle locks, her reward is a punch in the face from the girl before she collapses. The hidden cult leader and priests also attack! Silas is back-stabbed by a priest, another casts a spell at Brian and the leader attacks Kitty. Silas drops his foe quickly, as does Brian, but Kitty is engaged in a fierce battle to the death with the Cult Leader. Only one will survive! As the others race to help Kitty, the hobo's body ripples and contorts and flesh tears as the body turns into a 15' Naga, the true leader of this evil cult.

This is a difficult battle. The Naga quickly snares Brian in a constricting death grip and be-spells Silas, taking control of his mind. He is ordered to attack Brian. Brian is too strong for the Naga to do any real damage to him but he trapped in her coils and wails on her as best as he can. Silas casts the last of his magic lightning at Silas but perhaps a part of him resists as his spell is weak and barely affects Brian. Kitty finally makes a killing shot and drops the leader. As she turns to aid Brian against the Naga, she too is be-spelled and ordered to kill Brian. Her guns pointed at Brian's head, she squeezes the triggers to put down her friends. The soft click as the both hammers falls on empty chambers is a relief to Brian, her guns are empty. She begins to reload, her mission still to kill Brian. In the mean time, Silas has broken the charm affect and is stabbing the Naga with his sword cane. Brian is also beginning to look a bit worse for wear. He is beginning to feel the damage of the constriction but he still fights on. Brian is tearing at the Naga with his bare hands, Silas is stabbing away and Kitty has loaded guns. As she brings them to bear she is able to shake off the charm and point her guns at the Naga. She blasts away and the combined might of their damage finally brings down the vile creature.

And so it begins...
A story of dead things


Where there is no imagination…there is no horror
~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


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