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Faith's Chosen

A sect of the Catholic Church that is no longer sanctioned and they even deny the existence of said group. After all, outside of exorcisms, the Church doesn't even admit the existence of the supernatural. The origins of the Chosen are obscured in time, but the current membership is made up of clergy who are aware of the supernatural and believe them all to be abominations to God, signs of the Devil twisting men’s souls. They believe all such abominations should be hunted down and destroyed.

Because they are men of faith, they are able to recruit many followers who are simply believers and followers of the Church who want to join in on this holy war. Often the layman members are simple folk and innocent of any real wrong doing, they are acting out of their faith and beliefs. However, any organization designed to 'destroy' evil attracts men who are just prone to violence and love to inflict violence. Being able to deal out this punishment in the name of the Lord is just a bonus and a way to shield themselves.

There are some that suspect the Chosen have been infiltrated at the highest levels by people who are trying to steer and control its destiny, use it for purposes more evil than suspected. Perhaps even infiltrated and controlled by the very beings they seek to destroy.

Men of Letters

Men of Letters are "preceptors, observers, beholders, chroniclers", of mysteries not easily explainable or known to men. They have knowledge of mysteries of the supernatural and many arcane arts like alchemy. They consider hunters to be a lower class to them. Thus, their order only shares its secrets to the most elite hunters they deem to be worthy. There is a special symbol used to denote members and their meeting locations.

Tong of the Black Scorpion

Devout followers of the ancient god, Weng-Chiang. No one knows the identity of the leader of the Tong. It was believed that the Tong had been disbanded when its former leader, Li H'Sen Chang, was killed by a doctor and his assistant, aided in part by Professor Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago, owner of the nearby Palace Theatre.

But recently they have become active again, under the guidance of a new leader. They are rumoured to have their base somewhere known as the House of the Dragon. Again, no one seems to know where that is.

Its followers can be identified by a black scorpion tattoo, symbol of the Tong, usually found between the thumb and forefinger.


People of Interest

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