The Haunted

A Mysterious Land

a journey in a balloon

After you help destroy an elder god and elder creature, how do you follow that up? Easy, get trapped on a balloon that no one really knows how to pilot then suffer under the power of Mother Nature.

At first our heroes are enjoying the respite as they drift leisurely across the Egyptian desert. But the heat and exhaustion from the fight lead them to sleep a bit; after all, what could go wrong?

When they awaken, there is no land in sight, they have somehow drifted out to sea, and in the distance there is an ominous looking set of storm clouds. And they are heading right for them!

They have never experienced a storm such as this, and they hope they never do again. The balloon feels tiny and insignificant as it is tumbled about and thrown across the sky, powerful wind and rain batter them hard and thunder echoes around them and flashes of lightning light up the sky. They have faced all kinds of monsters and felt fear even, but as the tiny vessel is besieged by the power of nature, they feel fear like never before. They can see neither sea nor land, nothing but raging clouds and storm tear about them.

Time loses all meaning while lost in the storm. But the storm does come to end…and an eerie calmness follows. They are far out to see, that much they can determine. It is cloudy and foggy most of the time and it grows bitterly cold! Dressed for the deserts of Egypt, they begin to suffer from the effects of the biting cold. It is hard to move, they are losing feeling in their limbs, and they are growing sleepy. But they fight on, they must, they must resist.

Kitty is the first to notice anything, the clouds begin to part and she can see the ocean below. There, in the distance, land! A land covered in ice! Far below the ocean is covered in ice, giant icebergs drift about the ocean, crashing into each other. If they can only reach land! But the ocean is drawing near, too near! Ice has frozen atop the balloon; the weight is dragging them down to the frozen sea below! If they cannot lighten the load, free the balloon of the ice, they will never make land. They will crash into the freezing water below, dragged under water and die! What will they do? What can they do?



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