The Haunted

Horror Express - Part One

A long train ride...

A crowded train station in Beijing, the last few passengers boarding the Trans-Siberian Express, a large crate the last item to be loaded into the baggage car. A master thief and pick-pocket working his way through the crowd. A sudden desire to see what is inside the crate. A scream as a young woman discovers the thief's body dead, beside the crate, his eyes milky white, blood bleeding from his eyes and mouth. Professor Saxton ignores the scene of distress and orders the porters to load his crate, the train must leave now.

Day 1

Our hearty band of adventurers, joyous to have their friend Silas back amongst them, check into the room aboard the train, ready to begin a nice, quiet, relaxing 16-day journey from Beijing to Moscow. Brian and Silas share a room and Kitty is roomed with a Miss Jones, assistant to Doctor Wells.

It is late afternoon when the train departs. So it isn't until dinner time that the major travelers come together in the dining car. A few people stand out: the mysterious Natasha, who seems to have her eye on a young Russian engineer. Alas, the young engineer seems more interested in his small chess set then the vivacious Natasha dining with him. Professor Saxton, Doctor Wells, and Miss Jones seem to be having a lively discussion about scientific theories and discoveries, most focused on the theories of evolution. It appears there is a bit of friendly rivalry between Saxton and Wells, both members of the British Royal Society.

A beautiful young woman, the Countess Irina Petrovski catches the eye of Silas. She seems to be flirting with him even though she is accompanied by her much older husband, Count Marion Petrosvski and her dour teacher Father Pujardov. Other than a loud American woman, the only other person of note is the quiet and contemplative Inspector Mirov, dining alone.

Doctor Wells Miss Jones Professor Saxton
Countess Petrovski Count Petrovski Father Pujardov
Inspector Mirov Natasha Yevshenko

Day 2

A curious baggage porter inadvertently springs the beast locked in Saxton's crate. When Inspector Mirov makes his way back to the baggage car on his daily inspection, he discovers the porter is missing. There is no sign of a struggle, just a few screws in the porter's cap, sitting on his desk. The inspector realizes the screws belong to Saxton's crate. He has one of his soldiers bring Saxton and Dr. Wells to the baggage car for questioning. Our curious heroes follow along. Saxton refuses to unlock the chains around the crate, he does not want his archaeological find to be exposed. When pressed by the inspector, he tosses the key out a window. Grabbing a fire ax, the inspector makes quick work of the chain and lock.

The body of the porter is discovered inside the locked crate, his eyes milky white, dried blood around his eyes and mouth. The ancient body of a yeti is missing! Saxton is clearly distraught and Wells offers him whiskey from his flask. The inspector sends his men to search the train, this awakened creature must be found and destroyed. During the search, 1 soldier is killed and a side door is found open, apparently the beast has escaped the train. The dead soldier demonstrates the same effects as the deceased porter. While the inspector believes the beast is gone and the train safe, he orders Dr. Wells and his assistant, Miss Jones, to perform autopsies on the two victims.

Aside from the same opaque eye affect, the autopsy suggests the brains of the victims have been drained of all memories and knowledge. The brains are completely smooth. Like they have been erased of everything.

The horror is soon forgotten by dinner time, maybe a few nightmares for some of the less experienced. After dinner, most passengers retire to their rooms. Our heroes are now suspicious and perhaps a bit paranoid, so while Brian and Kitty sleep, Silas is up standing a watch. Inside his room, he begins his first real study of the tome gifted to him. Later that night, he notices Natasha heading to the water closet. Only after an unreasonable amount of time has past and Natasha has not returned, does SIlas grow worried. He rouses his compatriots and they wander back to investigate. The WC is clearly empty, and since Natasha did not come back this way, that leaves only the baggage car left.

As our heroes investigate the baggage car, they discover the body of Natasha, the same signs as the other dead. Suddenly, the door behind is slammed shut and jammed. Something is running fast to escape. Brian uses his strength to push the door open and Kitty runs past, in pursuit of what they soon realize is the beast. She fires a shot, winging it, just before it runs into the next car. The gunfire has awakened the inspector and leaps into action, pursuing the beast as well. He is ahead of Kitty and is the first to reach the next car. As Kitty is racing to catch up, she hears the inspector emptying his gun into the beast.

the Beast

She catches up and fires one last shot, knocking the beast over the bar. Brian streaks past, leaping across the bar and slamming into the beast. A strong blow and they all gather around the clearly dead beast. The inspector is overwhelmed by the sight of the beast. But he regains his composure and leads the party back to the baggage car. He knows that Natasha is a famous thief, and has been watching her, waiting for her to strike. He discovers she has stolen the jewels and a mysterious steel alloy left by the Count and Countess. After some searching, they discover the bag of loot near the corpse.



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