The Haunted

In search of a Friend

Waiting, Waiting, I do not like this inaction. I have been here for the last several days questioning and shifting through the rubble of Driscal's burned out shop. Nothing is to be found. The people know nothing or are scared, of them or me I am uncertain. Several of his friends are missing too, their shops burned to the ground also. That it is the rats I am certain. I know I am neglecting the children at the orphanage but I can not concentrate on being a healer while my friend is missing. I will pay a physician to look in on them.

Hours pass, a small boy comes to me bearing a note. I thank him and give him some change for sweets. There is an address on it. 212 Pendelton Way, midnight, Come alone. That is near the docks, a warehouse I believe. Looking at my watch, just a few hours from now. Should I tell the others…. No this is my problem I won't endanger them.

I am here. It is still early. Testing the door it is unlocked. I go inside and shut it behind me. Lots of crates, it appears to have been recently filled with new goods. I find a place to watch unnoticed. Time passes I hear scraping. Looking I see the sewer grate slide aside and those damn foul rat men slinking in. This theft does not appear random. they are taking from particular crates. Not a lot so as to go unnoticed but very particular items. Salt, sulfur, garlic, many herbs and chemical items. I wish Silas were here he would know what it means. Smiling to myself and Kitty would already be picking them off. No I cant become too attached, they will loathe me when they know I am a monster too. They are coming this way, They stop. I think they sense me, good I'm tired of hiding. Rushing forward in a burst of speed I crush two of them before they know what happens. The rest are grabbing their packages and diving back into the sewers. I grab one and choke him. against a crate,

Growling at him "Where is Driscal Chang"

Rat spits upon Brian

Brian "Where is he" slamming rat against the crate cracking it

Through bloody lips It smiles at me "your creators send you greeting"

It's eyes close and it falls limp in my hands, In my anger I squeezed to hard. What does it mean? My creator died. I saw him dead with my own eyes. A shadow blocks the light, spinning I see a figure, Marcus Farr, Enforcer of the Faith's Chosen, they have found me again. I feel something hit me and know no more

I awaken, sore and weak. It is morning a knife is in my chest with a note.

"I thought it was you, We are coming monster. The chosen are coming for you"

The Chosen are coming to London. I must save Mr. Chang and leave before they hurt my companions. Perhaps it is time to see this new America that Kitty talks of. Removing the knife, I leave making my way back to our estate.

Brian awarded 1 Benny and 1 XP



When Mrs. Murdock shows Inspector Barnes in, Brian has a sudden sinking feeling in his gut. The Inspector had asked to speak to him. Mrs. Murdock offers to pour some tea but the Inspector shakes his head, “I won’t be long luv, but thank you.”

When they are alone Barnes continues to pace back and forth for a few minutes, clearly uncomfortable. Brian walks over, placing his hand on his shoulder. “Inspector, clearly you have something of grave importance to tell me. We have known each other too long, just tell me.”

Barnes clears his throat and looks at Brian, “Yur right, we have been friends and allies for quite some time now. I know you have been searching for your friend Doctor Chang after his home burnt down. You also know there was a body discovered in the remains.”

“Well, after a lengthy investigation we are ruling the identity of the body as that of Doctor Chang. We know the fire was a work of arson, so that makes it a murder. I will do all I can to bring the villain to justice, you have my word!”

“I know you were close with the doctor, so I wanted you to hear the truth from me first. I will keep you appraised of the investigation but as you know, these burnings are happening across the city and been goin’ on fer quite some time. And honestly, we are no closer to knowin’ who or why they are being set.”

Barnes watches as Brian processes everything. He shakes the offered hand and nods at the thanks. As Brian sinks into his chair to think, Inspector Barnes slips out of the room, leaving his friend in quiet contemplation. A few minutes pass before Mrs. Murdock returns and quietly sits a cup of tea and some cookies on the table next to the chair. She doesn’t speak to Brian but the concern is clearly etched on her face. She leaves as quietly as she entered.

In search of a Friend

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