The Haunted

Interlude - London

returning home

Return to London

Silas and the six henchmen successfully loaded everything from Abelard’s home onto a rented rail-car. Following a 12-hour return trip, the goods are off-loaded and taken to a warehouse in Wapping Harbour. Silas was able to secure premises with the help of Clancy Donnelly. In fact, he now owns the property out right.

By the time Silas, the men, and the goods arrive, Clancy is already there with some laborers who are working on building out some quarters inside the warehouse, along the second floor. The laborers are also contracted to build vaults or anything else Silas requires inside the warehouse.

The henchmen quickly scout around and work on making the premises more secure. They are reaching out via street contacts looking for additional trustworthy men who can be employed as security and additional laborers if the need should arise.

There is also a secure tunnel running from the warehouse out to the Thames. The entrance at the Thames is a secure iron gate with 2 high quality locks. The trap door to the tunnel is also secured the same way.

Meeting with Inspector Barnes

Hearing his friend is back in London, Inspector Barnes visits Silas in his new digs. He understands his friend’s desire to move away from Mrs. Murdock, putting her out of danger. He fills Silas in on some of the other “operators” around this area.

  • The biggest crime syndicate is the Tong of the Black Scorpion. Thought broken up years ago after the death of its leader, it has made a recent comeback and just as powerful and feared as before.
  • The Forty Elephants Gang, operating from the Elephant and Castle district and hitting quality businesses in the West End. They are high-end thieves, perhaps for hire. Not much else is known about them but they are very good at what they do. Well-stocked warehouses have occasionally been a target for them.
  • Jack Moody and his boys are also the king of the docks around here. Meaning, you pay them for protection or bad things coincidentally happen to you or your property.
  • There are also rumours of a new player, a Chinese gang under the control of The Golden Claw having taken over the opium market in the area. Aside from controlling the opium dens and the import of the drug, they have stayed out of other criminal enterprises so far.

Meeting with his Agent

After a few days of ensuring everything is secure and in relatively good hands, Silas secures a cab to visit his publisher. Due to recent events, he has discovered his publisher has collected Silas' works and published them across several countries. This was not approved by Silas (although he does appreciate the notoriety) nor is he getting paid any royalties for this work.

Player can use the "Comments" to write up whatever transpires. The GM will continue the Interlude as needed by replying to the comments.


Silas’ new solicitor, Sir Harley Mason is not a man to be trifled with. Prior to law school, he was a calvary officer in the Queen’s Fourth Regiment in Egypt. His entire unit was ambushed and slaughtered near Cairo. He alone survived, after crawling three days through the burning sands to civilization, with a broken-off bayonet speared through his abdomen. After his discharge from the service he studied law and opened his practice in London. Sir Mason’s clients tend to be people with unusual lifestyles, namely adventurers. His firm has represented the likes of Sir Richard Francis Burton and Mary Kingsley. Sir Mason himself is a figure of robust proportions, an avid hunter, and a fearsome boxer.

When Silas began looking for a solicitor to represent him, he quickly received a telegraph from Sir Mason himself, requesting a meeting over brandy. Silas was unsure of his ability to keep Sir Mason’s firm on retainer he replied “Sir, we are adventurers. As such we must band together in common pursuit of the greater good. At times it is necessary that the law bend to accommodate our endeavors and I am just the man to bend them. When the time comes, and it will, when another client of mine requires your aid, your account will be paid in full.”

Sir Mason quickly brought Silas’ publisher to heel. He recovered most of the profits that were owed to him. In return for not pressing fraud charges he secured Silas’ position as part owner of the publishing firm. What he will do with his new found printing capabilities is yet undetermined.

Interlude - London

Silas awarded 1 Benny and 1 XP

Interlude - London

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