The Haunted

The Templar Legacy

the Message

Scene 1: the message

Silas receives a telegram from Dr. Emil White, an old associate and recent corespondent.

Doctor White

Scene 2: the trip

The group travels to the port of Marseilles on the southern coast of France. This is a pleasant six day trip from England. The Doctor's summer retreat is some 300 miles outside of Marseilles. A train runs from Marseilles to the small town of Arques, which lies a few miles from the Doctor's house. It leaves every day at 10:00 am and the trip takes only a few hours.

Port of Marseilles

Scene 3: somewhere to sleep

The town has three establishments:

  1. Farmhouse of Monsieur Pierre de Plantard, local farmer who has converted the upper floor into a guest house. The rooms are spartan but warm, and the food is wholesome and filling rather than fancy. It is essentially two rooms.
  2. Guest house in the heart of town run by Monsieur Louis Gilbert and his family. There are six rooms, all share a common bathroom, are well-decorated, and have large bay windows allowing plenty of sunlight to filter in.
  3. Lastly, the house of Madame Claire Alvar, a known woman of ill-repute. It is a single room :)



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