The Haunted

Tong of the Black Scorpion


The build-up

Silas is plagued with dreams, an old man in robes appears, speaking to him, beseeching Silas to seek him out for enlightenment. Silas has been chosen.

Robbery at Palace Theatre Museum, a small golden dragon statue has been stolen. The only clue – a matchbook from the club Do-San in Shanghai. The vault was still secured from the inside, no apparent method of entering and leaving, other than perhaps mystical – hence the heroes are called in.


Lee, you have been following a European man you believe to be an undercover British Agent. He has been making inquiries along the docks, asking about the Tongs (not very smart). On the second day, you notice he is being followed by Tong assassins. Your orders are to observe only, not interfere, so you do nothing at first. When the man discovers he is being followed, a chase ensues, and you follow. You are about a half a block behind when the man ducks into an alley, closely followed by the assassins. You know he is out of luck, it is a dead-end. You speed up, hoping perhaps to help. Just as you close on the alley entrance there is a strange glow and when you enter, the alley appears to be empty. There are signs of a struggle, some blood drops from a fight, and you can sense a lingering taint of magic.

Inspector Barnes spots a beautiful young woman and child leaving an opium den he just raided. Inside the den, a European male stabbed to death. The blood trail leads to a solid wall. The only clue – paper’s marking the man as crew on a recent boat from Shanghai, China. The case is peculiar enough for Barnes to call in the heroes to study crime scene. He was worried this was another revenant case but isn’t sure. Silas can detect residual magic but its source is unfamiliar.

As the heroes return to the warehouse, they spy a young man running for his life, several men chasing him. Before the heroes can get close to help, the man is yanked into a carriage that was following and it speeds up to get away. The heroes pursue from another carriage. The chase winds through the streets into a dense fog, visibility almost zero. There is a strange glow, then the carriage breaks out of the heavy fog and crashes into the back of the carriage they were pursuing. The carriage is empty save for blood on the back seat and a strange dagger, composed of Cold Iron and something else.

This isn't London!

As the heroes walk thru the foggy docks, it is an unfamiliar area they appear to be in (actually Shanghai docks). As they emerge from a foggy alley onto a lit street they are surrounded by Shanghai Police and Inspector Li. The heroes do not have proper travel papers and the police have found the bloody carriage. They have been keeping an eye on this area hoping to track some Tong smugglers. The heroes are arrested and locked up awaiting communication from the British Embassy.

Whilst in the cell, Tong assassins materialize and attack. They are agents of the Black Scorpion Tong. It is a brutal fight, Kitty dispatches 2 (beheading one with his own sword) and Silas the last one. They search the bodies and discover a geomantic compass embossed with runes written out of blood. Silas determines the compass is used to teleport great distances using some sort of necromantic magic, but he is not sure how to make it work for him. They also take some weapons, preparing themselves for worse. Before the police return, the bodies dissolve due to some mystical power. Only the head which rolled outside the cell remains.

To the club

Lee Huang Chang presents himself at the police station with the proper paperwork to free the heroes. He takes them to the night club “Do-Shan” and intoroduces the owner Yue Han Woo (another agent of Golden Claw). He explains that somehow, the Tong of the Black Scorpion have mastered the art of traveling great distances via magic. They are using this power to strengthen their hold here in Shanghai as well as several European cities, particularly London. Their headquarters is known as the House of the Dragon but Golden Claw has been unable to determine where it is located. This mystical transport has made that harder. They are impressed with the compass that Silas shows them, explaining how it works. If they can figure out how to activate it, perhaps they can get to the House of the Dragon.

The private area of the club is attacked by a large force of Tong and Night Guard. They manage to overpower everyone in the room simply by threatening the many innocents in the club proper. None of the heroes want the blood of these innocents on their hand. The force uses a compass to transport all to the House of the Dragon, lair of Hsien-Ko and her number two, Kwok.

Silas, Lee and Kitty are lead before Hsien-Ko, the current leader of the Tong of the Black Scorpion. She is stunningly beautiful and apparently quite mad. She wants revenge for the death of her father, previous leader of the Tong, at the hand of some Englishman. She has joined forces with the Night Guard to further her agenda. She also demonstrates that she is the creator of the virus which has been causing the revenant plague across London. All they have experienced so far has been simple trials as she perfects the virus, modifying it to work as an airborne transmitted virus. Her testing is complete and she is ready for phase 2 of her diabolical plan. She shows the heroes the designs of her new airship and a bomb. The airship will transport and release the bomb over London, this will spread the revenant plague across most of the city, bringing it to its knees and ending the might of the British Empire.

She seems quite familiar with Silas and has brought him here to meet her personally. She wants him to pay for all he has done. Unfortunately, Silas has no clue who she is or what she is actually talking about. She summons some guards and reveals her other weapon, the Homunculus created by her father. The Homunculus remains on guard in the throne room, Hsien-Ko, Kwok, and Night Guard officers leave to board the airship, the plan is set in motion. Guards lead the three heroes off to be killed.

A surprising guest

No one realizes Inspector Li came along by accident, he secretly following the characters to the club and was caught in the effect of the compass transportation spell. He is following Silas, Lee, and Kitty as they are marched to their execution. As they enter a narrow hallway, Silas makes the first move, teleporting to front guard and disarming him. Lee and Kitty both move as well. And the fight is joined by Inspector Li in the rear. They quickly overcome the guards and chase after Hsien-Ko, behind them they can hear reinforcements and the Homunculus in pursuit.

They arrive into a vast hangar, the airship slowly rising up to through the opened roof. Silas realizes they are back in London! He has one more trick up his sleeve, yelling at the others to run and try and jump on the airship. He waits on the gangplank for the approaching Homunculus. As it charges at Silas, he calmly grabs the creature and teleports them both onto the bridge of the airship. Chaos ensues!

The remaining heroes race across the gangplank and leap into the air, trying to grab onto the airship. All but Inspector Li are successfully and they hear his scream as he falls to the city below. For they have now cleared the underground hangar and are cresting across the city towards the Thames and the heart of the city.

The fight

Silas is amidst the Tong fighters and Night Guard soldiers, bullets are flying and an angered Homunculus is tearing through everything. The bomb is centered on the bridge, a trapdoor release opened below it. Silas blasts a spell at the pilot, killing him outright, the corpse collapses across the wheel spinning the ship out of control – people go flying, some right out of the ship! Hsien-Ko is holding onto a panel for dear life, and Kwok is holding onto her.

A stray bullet penetrates the bomb and the gas begins to escape, immediately turning two guards into violent revenants – who tear into the flesh of their once comrades. Lee and Kitty have managed to climb to the outside of the bridge, taking potshots at villains trying to reach Silas.

Silas realizes they are running out of time, the gas is leaking and the ship must be taken down hard. He spies the frozen Thames below and knows what he has to do. Motioning for Lee and Kitty to close together, Silas clambers over to the wheel, Kitty and Lee shooting enemies out of his way. He grabs the wheel hard and directs the ship directly into the river. With little time left before the crash, Silas leaps across to his friends, grabbing onto them and teleporting to safety as the ship smashes through the ice, a huge fireball explosion tears through the sky and the ship slowly sinks below.


The fire and frozen river destroyed the virus, London is safe. But the revenant plague is still around, perhaps a cure will be found. Inspector Barnes leads the clean-up raid on the House of the Dragon. He also brings around a wet and nearly frozen Inspector Li to be identified by Silas. Their ally survived his fall when he tumbled into a non-frozen part of the Thames. The team has made some new allies and a new companion has joined them in the fight: Lee Huang Chang.

Silas has the compass for study, some new source books recovered from the House of the Dragon, and a dream that still plagues him.



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