The Haunted

Interlude - Werewolf by Night

Kitty get yer guns!

Darkened-Alley.jpg The window shatters as Brian and the werewolf hurtle through it, plunging into the depths below. Silas rushes to the wrecked frame peering down into the darkness, he can see nothing in the alley far below. He is pushed aside as Kitty rushes by, guns in her hand and leaps out the window to follow. She would not let this werewolf out of her sight!

Silas looks on in awe as Kitty stretches between the narrow walls, using the heels of her boots and the butts of her guns to slow her descent into darkness. Minutes later he hears gunshots and can just make out the flashes of gunfire.

Shaking aside his stupor, Silas climbs out onto a drainpipe and slides down to join the fray. He could let no harm overcome his cousin, not while she was caught up in this bloodthirsty quest for vengeance! She wanted a name and would do anything to get it.

Stumbling in the darkness, “I need a light spell,” Silas thinks. He dashes towards the sound of the fighting. The alley opens onto the shore of the Thames. Brian, looking rather worse for wear, is on his knees with the werewolf atop him, clawing at his chest. “There goes another jacket, he is going to be pissed.”

There is no sign of Kitty. “What?” Silas looks around in concern whilst mentally preparing a spell. The last of his mana channeled into a mystic bolt. His hands glow as he finishes the chant, followed by a crackle of energy slamming into the werewolf. It blows the monster off Brian just as he falls face forward into the mud, he was down. Silas rushes to help Brian, then werewolf leaps back out of the darkness right at him.

Werewolf.png As Silas throws up his arms to block the attack, shots ring out! Kitty charges from the darkness, guns blazing, emptying both her guns into the werewolf. Silas is pushed aside again as Kitty leaps onto the werewolf as it falls to the ground. She is shoving her last bullet into a chamber. A flick of her wrist and the gun is loaded and shoved into the face of the stilled werewolf.

“A name!” she screams, prodding hard with the barrel, “give…me…a…name…”

As the light fades from the eyes of the werewolf and it dissolves into the shape of a man, its eyes flicker open for a moment, a look of fear. It gasps softy, “Edmondson…Chad..Chadwick…Edmondson.” The light dies as does the monster.

All of the adrenalin drains from Kitty and she collapses exhausted. As Silas helps his cousin to stand, allowing her to lean against him for support, they make their way to the side of Brian, who is also slowly standing up. Brian looks down at his shredded jacket and shirt. “Damn.”

The three walk slowly up to the main street, the clamber of horses and carriage greeting them. Frank, the cabbie, brings the carriage to a halt. He leaps down to assist the companions into the carriage. Before closing the door, he hands a cane to Silas. “Eh guv, this came a tumblin’ from the sky. Thought you might want it back. Let’s be getting home now.”

Players awarded 2 XP




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