The Haunted

Wondering and Wandering

The Back Alleys of London

Who am I? What am I? From following Silas and Kitty I know i am not human but i am not a monster like those we battle. I can take hits that would fell a horse and walk on. Break thru doors as though they were cardboard. I don't bleed as they do, nor do i heal as they do. I went to see the alchemist Driscal Chang today to fix my shoulder… and for another Coat. I have him making me something more durable this time. I also have him acquiring me some special "tools" for further adventures with my companions.

I have had an odd feeling since i saved the little girl from the Cult of the Left Hand, a need to protect her. No a need to protect the children. Perhaps children were involved with my past life. Perhaps that is my purpose, much as Kitty is absorbed with her werewolf and Silas with his reporting and cousin. I need to find out what i am, the closest thing i have found was the article Silas wrote about the Frankenstein Monster that brought me to London. I am similar to it but not the same. I am strong and tough like it was but not some unthinking Buffon as it was.

I need to clear my head and think. Perhaps a walk thru the back alleys will settle my mind. What is that noise? I hear a woman's screams, and a baby's crying. I must get to them. Left, right, over that wall. There they are. There are 2 dead men in the street; I see a woman and small child. They are cornered by five hunched men. No not men they have tails, like rats. What will i find next in this odd city? I stride forward and command them to flee; they turn on me unwisely waving their tiny daggers. This will be fun!!

That didn't last far long enough to satisfy me. There is still too much time till i will meet the others. The woman has passed out and the baby is screaming. I gather them up and bring them to the edge of the alley. The baby's screams will bring help soon. I walk away knowing they will be cared for. I must talk to Silas about the ratmen who turn back to real men when you break their necks, he will be interested. Damn they tore my coat. This is getting expensive. I better go see Driscal about that new coat

Brian awarded 1 Benny and 1 XP




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