Von Übel

Prussian industrialist


Height: 6’1"
Weight: 166lbs
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black


Von Übel is interested in only one thing — power and wealth. He rose to power in Germany as an industrialist. He claims to come from a noble Prussian family.

Von Übel was a Prussian noble who was wounded during the Napoleonic Wars, as he lay dying on the battlefield, he fell victim to the bite of a vampire. The vampire, whose name Von Übel never learned, was a weak creature, more content with scavenging battlefields than in hunting his own prey — Von Übel used his dying effort to kill the creature, but not before it had worked its terrible magic. Otto Von Übel rose again as a creature of the night.

Silas and his companions eventually discovered that Von Übel was a Vampire Lord as well as leader of the Night Guard. In their final confrontation in Africa, Silas slew Von Übel before he could open the dimensional door and awaken the remaining elder vampires of Atlantis.

Von Übel

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